The Foundation of a Modern Data and Analytics Strategy

View the updated and improved D&A Strategy and Operating Model Framework. It is tried and tested and now includes the most recent insights from thousands of client interactions, such as what a modern D&A strategy looks like and how you can make sure the strategy leads to tangible and measurable business outcomes. Watch the replay of the session, presented by Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst Andrew White.

Data Storytelling: A Better Way to Engage Decision Makers With Data

Data storytelling offers a more engaging means of communicating findings than business intelligence (BI) reporting or data visualization alone. This trend is an extension of the now dominant self-service model of BI, combining data visualization with narrative techniques. What is a data story? When and how should data storytelling be used? What new skills and techniques are needed to create compelling data stories? Watch the replay of the session, presented by Gartner Senior Director Analyst Aura Popa.

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit covered:

  • Implement strategies and innovations backed by data and analytics to navigate disruption.

  • Lead purposefully by balancing trust, accountability, governance and security with adaptability and responsiveness.

  • Scale your purpose beyond organizational silos, across value chains and ecosystems to foster societal perseverance.
  • Attendees were able to network with 4,000+ leaders within data and analytics and discuss hot topics including data storytelling, ChatGTP, leadership, strategy and more. 
  • The exhibitor showcase highlighted over 140 top solution providers in the data and analytics space

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