Gartner conferences provide an opportunity to engage with people when they’ve turned their receptors on. That’s why we make the investment.
Chief Marketing Officer, MemSQL

The MemSQL Case Study will provide insight in to how MemSQL leveraged the conference to engage with the right audience, collect highly qualified leads, and increase brand awareness.

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    Become an exhibitor

    Meet face-to-face with data and analytics decision makers who are actively seeking solutions

    Address your most critical sales and marketing challenges:

    • Direct access to C-level decision makers—11% of attendees are C-level (you won’t find this at other  industry conferences)
    • Reach an audience you won’t meet anywhere else—52% of attendees only attend Gartner conferences
    • Acquire qualified leads with purchasing power—78% of attendees are Gartner clients, and over 40% plan to invest more than $500,000 in technology providers
    • Accelerate your pipeline—with direct access to Gartner experts, peers, and vendors all in one place, attendees are more prepared to create a short list of vendors and move forward to a decision more quickly
    • Build strategic relationships and increase credibility—position your company as a thought leader by aligning your value proposition with Gartner experts’ insights into the trends that shape business 
    • Increase your visibility—connect with attendees and showcase your brand in a myriad of ways

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