Discover the latest technology trends in data and analytics

While we build the conference agenda, take a look at the type of research you can expect at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2022.

Get the insight you need to understand which trends you cannot afford to ignore and what you should invest in to transform your data and analytics (D&A) strategy to create real business value. 

Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021

The D&A trends covered in this research can help organizations respond to change, uncertainty and the opportunities they bring over the next three years. D&A leaders must examine how to turn these trends into key investments that accelerate their capabilities to anticipate, shift and respond.

Opportunities and challenges:

  • Deliver continued value in an uncertain world with strategies and innovations backed by data and analytics 
  • Deploy D&A to harness the incredible power of people, strategy and technology for unleashing innovation and adapting continuously to change 
  • Simplify organizational decision making with advanced D&A capabilities in a complex and uncertain world
  • Transform uncertainty into opportunity by using data and analytics as powerful tools to unleash innovation and manage change effectively

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