Networking at #GartnerDA

Engage with the top data and analytics leaders in India, Gartner experts, and world-class exhibitors. 

Networking at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit isn’t just about meeting new people. It’s about candid conversations with world-class IT leaders from various backgrounds, organization sizes and industries. Where you can dive into what’s working — and what’s not — with your peers in small, facilitated discussions. It’s impromptu brainstorming sessions in a Meetup and “aha” moments during lunch. 

With two days and access to more than 800 data and analytics leaders, you’ll have ample opportunities to make lasting connections.

Explore our networking opportunities below.

Peer Meetups 

Pick a topic and then join up to 10 peers in a relaxed setting to exchange ideas, build relationships and address mutual challenges face to face.

  1. Transforming Your Data Management and Integration Architecture
  2. Optimizing Data and Analytics Investments to Achieve Business Value
  3. Recruiting, Hiring, Organizing, Training and Retaining AI Talent
  4. How to Successfully Move and Balance Your Data and Analytics Initiatives to the Cloud
  5. Women in Data: Empowering Women and Addressing Gender Bias
  6. Meetup - Financial Services Sector
  7. Meetup - Public Sector
  8. Meetup - Manufacturing Sector

Hear what your colleagues from various industries are experiencing around relevant topics in these Gartner-experts-moderated sessions.

  1. Getting Started with Data Literacy and Information as a Second Language
  2. What Are the Best Practices to Organize for Machine Learning?
  3. Best Practices for CDOs New to AI (CDO Circle)
Gartner Magic Quadrant Sessions 

The Gartner Magic Quadrant provides a competitive positioning of four types of technology providers in fast-growing markets: Leaders, Visionaries, Niche Players and Challengers. These sessions give you specific insight into the analyst process as well as the findings.

  1. Magic Quadrant for Data Management

Drill down on specific how-to conference topics in a small group environment led by Gartner or guest experts.

  1. Leadership Exchange: The State of the Data & Analytics Function and New Essentials for Success (CDO Circle)
  2. How to Measure and Improve Data and Analytic Maturity
  3. CDO Circle: Meet & Greet with Guest Keynote - Tané Hunter
  4. The Foundations of Data Literacy and Data-Driven Culture Are the Basis for Digital Business Success
  5. How to Have an Engaging Conversation with Your CEO About Data and Analytics
  6. Leadership Exchange: Evolving Your Data and Analytics Operating Model to Maximize Value (CDO Circle)
Ask the Experts sessions  

Intimate discussions to foster learning featuring one Gartner analyst, at which end users can ask questions and get answers.

  1. What Is the Typical Roadmap for AI Adoption?
  2. Everything You Wanted to Know About Cloud Data Management but Were Afraid to Ask!
  3. Decision Management and Decision Models
  4. How Does a Hybrid Integration Platform Approach Fit in Your Data Integration Strategy?
  5. Data Catalogs 101 — Moving From “Nice-to-Have” to a “Must-Have” — Answers to FAQs!
  6. Choosing the Right Database Management System (DBMS) for Your Project
  7. Effective Data and Analytics Governance: What Are the Must-Have Fundamentals?
  8. Data Preparation, Data Virtualization, Streaming Data Integration ― Utilize Modern Integration Technologies for Data and Analytics Success
  9. Why You Need to Adopt Blockchain Smart Contracts for Revenue Growth
  10. How to Govern Self–Service Analytics
  11. Getting More from the Data Lake
Solution Showcase receptions

Evaluate the provider landscape and prepare for future projects. Experience the world’s leading solution providers in one convenient location.

Solution Provider Sessions  

When you’re looking for products and solutions to address a specific issue, solution providers will deliver a 360-degree view of your options. These sessions help expand your perspective.

Showfloor Showdown (Theater)

Evaluate the provider landscape and prepare for future projects. Experience the world’s leading solution providers in one convenient location.

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