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Andrew Machen
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Andrew Machen

Senior Manager, Data Engineering
Andrew has the secret sauce for unlocking the power of teams; Mr. Machen started his career in ERP and other types of operational data movement and took that to American Airlines in 2011 where he led a team which delivered several mission-critical outcomes for the most successful merger in airline history with US Airways. His passion for “we-focused” leadership and caring for people on life’s journey resonates with his teams, as they were first to the cloud in several different areas including both vital operations as well as analytical data applications. Andrew’s current role has him responsible for DataOps strategy at American as well as leading several critical data engineering product teams.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2023 / 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM EDT
Case Study: Building D&A Communities at American Airlines - From Data Need To Business Insights

Learn about D&A community building at American Airlines, starting with a DataOps guild to many successful D&A communities by the data area. These communities increase the D&A success and give people tools to do their jobs better and with more fun. When people in data science, DataOps, data management, analytics form a network of experts, they move faster, do things differently and enable the enterprise as whole to realize the value of data.

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