Captain Chad Fleming
Guest speaker

Captain Chad Fleming

Retired U.S. Army Captain
Captain Fleming has been deployed overseas six times with the U.S. Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment in support of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has been wounded in combat on three separate occasions and has undergone 23 surgeries, one of which resulted in a trans-tibial amputation of his left leg. While most would assume this type of injury would conclude someone’s service to their country. Captain Fleming has re-deployed five times since his injuries, each time going right back into the fight. He is one of the few amputees who have been able to redeploy into combat as an amputee.

After serving with distinction and receiving numerous awards and decorations, including the Meritorious Service Medal, two Bronze Star medals with Valor, and three Purple Hearts, he retired from active duty and still serves our country in other capacities.

He has completed marathons, triathlons, tough mudders and cycling events throughout the United States and is also a sought after inspirational speaker. Numerous Fortune 500 companies have asked Chad to bring his message of resilience, perseverance, and his “Never Quit” attitude into their companies to help build their corporate teams. He is a Board Member for the “Lone Survivor Foundation,” and travels around the country as part of Marcus Luttrell’s Patriot Tour.

He was a vital part of the 2010 Olympic Hockey team’s run for the Gold Medal. Captain Fleming has spoken to both college and professional sports teams, and he is the spokesman for Under Armour’s “UA Freedom” initiative, a corporate initiative that raises money and awareness for our nations wounded veterans.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2020 / 07:00 AM - 08:00 AM CDT
Exclusive Public Sector Breakfast: Teamwork: How to Assemble an Elite Team to Ensure Success

The “Right” Team can take you to the next level, however, the wrong team can make your life a living hell. Assembling the “Right” Team allows you the predictability of ensuring mission success. The people to your Right and Left are the ones that make you successful. No one has ever achieved success by themselves, it was the result of being surrounded by the right team. I will talk about what we looked for in the “right” team mate and how you can do the same thing in the corporate world. Elite team mates are on a different level than everyone else. Being an elite team mate means that you must work hard everyday to maintain that status, you’re only as good as the last 30 days! Everyday you should strive to be a better team mate than yesterday! *Access to this session is restricted to those that are not part of an organization/company that provides services, products or solutions to professionals in the industry.

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