The Fundamentals of AI Success for Data and Analytics Leaders


The wondrous stories of artificial intelligence (AI) may lure data and analytics leaders into projects that have unrealistic expectations, indefinite timelines and dubious business value. A better near-term route to value is capitalizing on human and machine symbiosis, while applying top use cases.


Key Findings

  • Many believe that AI will result in mass joblessness or that it is a replacement for human intelligence — neither are true. The dystopian idea that AI will replace human intelligence is nowhere in sight as a reality, and people play a critical role in AI’s success.

  • AI presents opportunities to enable human and machine symbiosis where it is possible to do more together than either can do on their own.

  • Enterprises that are at the beginning of their AI journey can increase their likelihood of success by pursuing the most practical applications of AI and recapitulating use cases of others that are leading the way.

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