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New trends and technologies are reshaping the workplace and the way we work — impacting the digital workplace of the future. Find out how worker and workplace insights, and the automation of routine work can help employees be more effective, as well as how remote and real-time work are evolving to match the pace of the future of work.

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“Digital business creates new demand for application services to support new business models, new technologies and continuous improvement. As this new demand becomes increasingly mainstream, it can no longer be treated as a special case as it impacts the whole application function. The future application organization must have the agility, velocity and business alignment needed to provide continuous delivery of value in support of digital business initiatives.”

Stefan Van Der Zijden 
Gartner Senior Director Analyst

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At Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, we explore the steps you can take today to help pave the way toward tomorrow’s advanced digital workplace capabilities. Join us for two days full of insights to help prepare you for the road ahead and map out your future of work.  

Key future of work topics on the agenda include:

  • Digital dexterity 
  • Automation 
  • Technology disruption
  • Digital office  

Recommended sessions on the agenda include: 

  • Maverick: Digital Dysfunction Is Crippling Digital Transformation   Gavin Tay
  • Leading in the #DigitalSociety    Frank Buytendijk
  • Hidden Trends in AI’s Impact on the Future of Work   Emily Rose McRae

Don’t miss the opportunity to:

  • Network with your peers and interact with Gartner experts
  • Gain access to limited seating sessions like practitioner-led roundtables, one-on-one sessions with a Gartner expert, as well as workshops such as the Design Thinking Workshop 

Gartner Predicts

By 2022, 70% of organizations leveraging collaborative work management systems will report that their teams are significantly better performing.

Source: Gartner

The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit was an awesome conference that enabled me to more clearly articulate our digital workplace strategy. I would highly encourage this summit for anyone who is responsible for leading their organization through this transformation.

Hans Keller

CIO, Erickson Living