Agenda Tracks Overview

The digital workplace has arrived. Enable the future of work. Explore how to advance your digital workplace strategy and make it a reality at this year’s summit. Get essential updates on fast-evolving trends and learn how to target those that deliver the greatest business value. 

Join us this year to ensure your organization is prepared to take advantage of what the future brings. 

Digital transformation demands a digital workplace. In order to develop effective frameworks, engage key stakeholders and activate programs on the ground, leaders must have access to proven strategies and feasible tactics. Topics covered will focus on understanding how to identify, define, prioritize and communicate business-relevant digital workplace capabilities. Come prepared to build your program, enhance efficiencies and improve performance. 

Hot topics include:

  • ROI and metrics
  • Program vision
  • Program organization
  • Planning roadmap
  • Building frameworks
  • Stakeholder buy-in

Digital workplace initiatives leverage the latest technologies and applications to enable workforce objectives and advance digital dexterity. Rapid technology innovations require agile leaders to identify new applications and use existing systems to speed deployment, ease adoption, ensure security and compliance while maximizing benefits. Learn what technologies are at the forefront of improving your digital workplace, how to maximize their capabilities and build a case for investment. 

Hot topics include:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • Cloud compliance
  • IT operations
  • Risk assessment
  • Organizations program resilience

An engaged and diverse workforce has the resiliency and agility to thrive in an era of digital transformation. As a digital workplace leader, you have a critical role to play in designing a successful employee experience strategy. Working together with business stakeholders, an effective experience strategy creates positive effects on performance, engagement, retention and, crucially, adoption of digital workplace initiatives and technologies. Dive into emerging technologies such as AI that can proactively support employees, offering alerts and recommending actions. Discover how to build and activate a comprehensive employee journey that yields a return on investment for your digital workplace program. 

Hot topics include:

  • Employee communication
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Multidisciplinary teams
  • Empowering your workforce
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Employee journey
  • Borderless workforce

The steps you take today will help pave the way toward tomorrow’s advanced digital workplace capabilities. To get there, enterprises must start now to begin transforming how employees work and do business, and how technology and talent come together. What key initiatives are becoming increasingly important as broader technology, demographic and socioeconomic forces bring the future of work into the present? How is the demand for effective transitions to automation and new ways of working impacting the planning, building and deployment of your digital workplace program?  The future of work may be difficult to define today, but we know building resilience and cultivating an explorer mentality will help us thrive. Prepare for the road ahead and map out your future of work. 

Hot topics include:

  • Digital dexterity
  • Digital ethics
  • New skills and roles
  • Automation
  • Technology disruption
  • Digital office

You are privileged to be responsible for stewarding programs, managing technologies, crafting experiences and planning for the future. Effective leaders are invaluable in crafting a vision and guiding the organization toward it, but you also need to be practical, pragmatic and focused on tangible business outcomes. Our spotlight track with a highlight of tracks across the agenda helps you hone your leadership skills and harness the power of collaboration with teams across the business to deliver impactful results.  

Hot topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Team management
  • Culture and change

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