Maximize learning by attending as a group.

Digital workplace is a team sport. It takes more than an individual to create a digital workplace strategy that delivers results. Accelerate learning and build a shared vision by attending as a group.

Today’s business demands a digital workplace and a culture ready to try new things. Workplace technologies are advancing rapidly while demand for global collaboration increases. It’s more important than ever to find out how to take advantage of fast-evolving trends that deliver the greatest business value side-by-side with your digital workplace team. Your digital workplace transformation starts here. 

Attend as a team to:

  • Apply your findings as a team to lead your organization through the cultural changes necessary to transform work and deliver tomorrow’s digital workplace
  • Forge strong relationships and a deeper, shared understanding with your colleagues and peers as you drive your strategies forward
  • Gain more from the comprehensive conference agenda
  • Compare notes, findings and learnings from sessions, workshops and briefings
  • Evaluate vendors and solution providers together to address the needs of stakeholders across your business
  • Meet as a team with key analysts to discuss your challenges and validate your strategies
  • Use the time to better align digital workplace strategies with enterprise and business objectives
  • Participate together in relevant sessions or split up to cover more topics, sharing your session take-aways later.

View the agenda and filter by track to see sessions for every function of your digital workplace team.  Plus, save up to 40%!

Complimentary Registrations

  • 1 for every 3 paid registrations
  • 2 for every 5 paid registrations
  • 3 for every 7 paid registrations
  • 4 for every 10 paid registrations

For more information, email or contact your Gartner Representative. 

The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit allowed me to connect with a colleague and dive into creating strategy for creating digital dexterity in our different areas.

Emily Engler

User Experience Specialist, Merck

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