Agile Architecture

Adapting EA for Agile at Scale

Meet the accelerated pace business leaders need

As the use of Agile expands, organizations experience coordination challenges within IT that undermine the potential benefits of Agile. Fortunately, EA has significant opportunities to help Agile projects move more quickly, help Agile projects better support cross-enterprise priorities, and help their organization use Agile more effectively than they do today.

To successfully support planning and governance in an Agile environment, progressive EA leaders focus on finding ways to enable decisions to be made as locally as possible. 

Highlighted Sessions: Agile Architecture at Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit

Track B: Develop EA as a Internal Management Consultancy

Deliver strategic leadership by adapting to culture, changing processes, and developing a new model for talent. This track will help you discover how to drive digital transformation with innovation roadmaps, lead a business-outcome-driven enterprise architecture and adopt enterprise agile frameworks.

Recommended sessions on the agenda include:

  • Technical Insights: Adopting Agile? Do What the Successful Agile Teams Do
  • EA & Agile, Impact on Metrics, Value, Assurance, & Governance
  • Workshop: Demystifying Agile With the Agile Fluency Game

Key Agile Architecture Topics on the agenda include:

  • Adopting enterprise agile frameworks
  • Architect for cost savings, disruptions, and distortions. 
  • Optimizing your technology with data & analytics
  • Fast-tracking your processes/outcomes with data & analytics 

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