Develop professional gravitas as a leading advisor to both IT and non-IT leaders

Enterprise architecture (EA) and technology innovation leaders are focused on creating signature-ready deliverables that drive business outcomes in support of the business’s operational and strategic direction. Moreover, they help the organization find opportunities, make investment decisions, and influence partners, customers, suppliers and the broader ecosystem.

Executives can have a good understanding of the latest innovation but not fully comprehend how it can work for their organization. It’s here that enterprise architects can help, bringing together an understanding of the organization’s strategy and business model with the opportunities of digital.

Highlighted Sessions: Leadership at Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit

Track E: Executive Track: Put Your Career Plan on the Succession Path from EA to IT Executive

As success mounts, senior IT leadership positions may appear on your career path - polish your leadership skills to impress your boss, other senior leaders, your peers and IT staff. This track will help you discover how to define modern enterprise architecture leadership skills, create a diverse and inclusive workplace and drive innovation investments.

Recommended sessions on the agenda include:

  • Career Architecture for Technical Professionals 
  • Can an Enterprise Architect be a CIO
  • The Innovative Enterprise Architect and Design Thinking

Key Leadership Topics on the agenda include:

  • Modern EA leadership skills
  • Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Understanding EA’s role in digital ethics
  • Gaining executives’ interest and engagement in the value proposition of EA
  • Recruiting and retaining EA talent

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Smarter With Gartner: The First 100 Days of Enterprise Architect

To be a successful enterprise architect, you must first establish the foundation for a sound approach. This requires a firm grasp on best practices, an understanding of how to deliver value, and clearly communicated goals and objectives.

If you are tasked with starting, restarting or refreshing your organization’s enterprise architecture (EA) program, then your business is looking for leadership and direction. Your goal should be to improve the organization’s strategy and decision-making ability through the use of technology to achieve business outcomes.

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Leadership Vision for 2020:  Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Leader

Innovation is set to be one of the most important new capabilities for enterprise architecture. As key enables for digital business, EA leaders are responsible for using innovation to help drive organization growth as well as balance the risks and benefits of these new approaches. 

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