Leadership Vision for 2020: Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Leader

Innovation is set to be one of the most important new capabilities for enterprise architecture. As key enables for digital business, EA leaders are responsible for using innovation to help drive organization growth as well as balance the risks and benefits of these new approaches.

The recommendations in this eBook will help you be successful in the digital age. Plus, use this guide as a way to prepare for presentations for leadership, peers and teams you work with to achieve your goals.

In the eBook you'll find:

  • 10 actionable insights for Enterprise Architect leaders and their teams
  • Best practices for delivering business value and outcomes
  • Major trends impacting Enterprise Architecture, and the challenges they need to overcome in the short, mid- and long term. 

Gartner recommends enterprise architects & technology innovations leaders do the following:

  • Rethink Enterprise Architecture as an internal management consultancy 
  • Ensure the Enterprise Architecture team can orchestrate services across the organization 
  • Bridge the gap between opportunities and threats, and executive challenges. 

Read the full eBook to find out the 10 actionable steps!

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