Financial Institutions at Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit 2020

For enterprise architects in the banking sector, new regulatory demands, cyber threats and pressure from business growth are the norm. As financial institutions constantly evolve, the IT frameworks they are built upon must keep up. You might be facing some questions like: how do I identify emerging or underfunded technology innovation opportunities that support growth? Use data and AI combine to build out a seamless customer experience? What about our legacy modernization efforts?

From cloud to AI, RPA, kubernetes and more, we have you covered. Below, we’ve pulled together sessions that are trending with financial institution attendees right now. 

Highlighted Sessions: Financial Institutions

Pre-Event: Sunday, May 17 (included in your registration)

  • Tutorial: A CTOs Guide to Containers, Kubernetes and Microservices
  • Tutorial:  The best Practices to Make Innovation Successful in your Organisation

Monday, May 18

  • The Future of Cloud Computing: Distributed Cloud
  • Machine Learning and AI in Production Applications: Moving Beyond the Science Project
  • Process Mining - a Must-Have Tool for Hyperautomation
  • The Foundation of Data Science and Machine Learning: Delivering Vaue in the Age of AI
  • Leading in the #DigitalSociety
  • Workshop: How to Create an Emerging Tech Radar
  • Architecting End-to-End Data Architectures in AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Never mind the Robots, It's the People you Have to Worry About
  • Size and Source of Your Investments in Innovation
  • Ask the Expert: Improving Collaboration Between EA and Security Leaders
  • Innovating like the Disruptive Innovators
  • Workshop: Quantum is the New AI

Tuesday, May 19

  •  Workshop: Containers and Kubernetes 101 — Mastering the Fundamentals
  • Gartner Keynote: The Top 10 Strategic and Emerging Technology Trends Driving Innovation
  •  Cloud Strategy Cookbook
  • EA Guide to RPA - From Hype to Reality
  • How to Assess the Business Impact of Emerging Technologies
  • Baby Steps: How to Innovate in a Resource-Constrained or Risk-Averse Environment
  • Rethink DevOps to Succeed in your AI & ML Initiatives
  • Ask the Expert: Integrating With Salesforce
  • Workshop: Create Your One-Page Innovation Charter and Roadmap to Innovation Success
  •  How to Set Up Successful Innovation Lab Partnerships