The Manufacturing Sector at Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit 2020

Enterprise architect and technology innovation leaders in the manufacturing industry are under a lot of pressure. They need to increase productivity by tracking efficiency and enabling process automation. They need to leverage legacy data while figuring out how to innovate their legacy architecture and systems. They must become agile and enable digital transformation. And, critically, they increasingly need to reposition the EA discipline by becoming a sort of internal management consultancy that can provide services tailored to the critical needs of the organization.

Dive into automation, agile, innovation and more. Below, are the sessions that are trending with your manufacturing peers right now.

Highlighted Sessions: Manufacturing Sector

Pre-Event: Sunday, May 17 (included in your registration)

  • Tutorial: The Best Practices to Make Innovation Successful in Your Organization
  • Tutorial: Start and Restarting EA in 100 Days
  • Tutorial: Setting the Benchmark Criteria for Your Enterprise Architecture and Technology

Monday, May 18

  • Creating Intelligent Organizations: How Intelligence Is Defined in Organizations  
  • Hiring Enterprise Architects: What You Should Know
  • Size and Source of Your Investments in Innovation
  • The Future of Cloud Computing: Distributed Cloud        
  • Workshop: How to Select the Right Low-Code Tool for the Job
  • Workshop: Containers and Kubernetes 101 — Mastering the Fundamentals 
  • How EAs Can Help the Business Organization to Align Around Business Capabilities to Enable Hyperautomation and Hyperagility           
  • Ask the Expert: Architect for Resilience — How to Thrive  in an Uncertain World  
  • Ask the Expert: Implementing an Enterprise Conversational Platform
  • Workshop: Inventing the Future With Continuous Foresight
  • Workshop: Create Your One-Page Innovation Charter and Roadmap to Innovation Success
  • Innovating Like the  Disruptive Innovators         
  • Ask the Expert: Advanced D&A — What Is on the Horizon for Leading Organizations?
  • Technical Insights: Adopting Agile? Do What the Successful Agile Teams Do.           
  • The Foundation of Data Science and Machine Learning: Delivering Value in the Age of AI    

Tuesday, May 19

  • How to Assess the  Business Impact of  Emerging Technologies          
  • How to Set Up Successful Innovation Lab Partnerships 
  • Workshop: Create Your One-Page Innovation Charter and Roadmap to Innovation Success
  • Halfway to Star Trek, A Professional’s Guide to Predicting the Future    
  • Baby Steps: How to Innovate in a Resource-Constrained or Risk-Averse Environment           
  • What Is the Future of Enterprise Architecture?  
  • Creating Executive Patience    
  • Workshop: Building a World-class Elevator Pitch to Drive Improved Communication Outcomes        
  • Demystifying the Four Personas of the CTO
  • EA’s Relevance in an Economic Downturn
  • How to Build Alignment, Commitment and Engagement for Change       
  • What EA Leaders Need to Know About the Everything Customer