Customers, CEOs, boards and employees increasingly expect a diverse workforce, requiring organizations to strike a tricky balance between attracting underrepresented talent without sacrificing the talent needed to unlock innovation and productivity gains.

A failure to strike this balance, and quickly, places your organization at the double risk of missing out on the benefits associated with diversity and inclusion (D&I), as well as being seen as hostile to underrepresented groups. Join Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2019, where D&I executives will learn the most innovative ways to accelerate their D&I programs and prowess.

Research for diversity and inclusion executives

Featured sessions at ReimagineHR Conference

  • Navigating Employee Expectations: Determining When and How to Engage in Contentious Issues
  • Technology Will Drive Equality for People With Disabilities
  • Roundtable: Flexible and Remote Work
  • Ask the Expert: Communicating Your Organization’s Pay Equity Efforts
  • Building Inclusive Leadership Behaviors: Beyond Bias Training
  • ... and more