The skills and capabilities your employees need are changing rapidly as their work changes. And your employees are worried, with just 20% believing they have the skills to succeed today and in the future.  

Learning and development (L&D) executives need to change how they identify development needs, build new skills and prepare employees at all levels of the organization for the future. At ReimagineHR Conference 2019, L&D executives will learn about the most effective and scalable strategies to make this migration at the speed the organization requires.

Research for L&D executives

Featured sessions at ReimagineHR Conference

  • The Connector Manager: Why Some Leaders Build Exceptional Talent — and Others Don’t
  • Roundtable: Strategies for Internally Developing and Capturing Soft Skills
  • Building Leadership Capabilities for Current and Future Business Needs
  • Bringing the Digital Experience to the World of Learning and Development
  • Roundtable: How to Democratize Development
  • ... and more