The CHRO Circle

Designed specifically for chief human resources officers, the CHRO Circle offers an exclusive executive knowledge sharing and networking experience for you to engage with a vetted true peer group of other CHROs throughout the conference.

We recommend applying for this program when you register for the conference to get priority access to book a one-on-one meeting with a Gartner expert, and secure one of the limited seats in our highly popular roundtable and Ask the Expert sessions.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this curated experience, available only to verified CHROs attending Gartner ReimagineHR Conference.   

  • The opportunity to network and connect with a community of CHROs 
  • Exclusive interactive sessions focused on the most pressing priorities of CHROs
  • Priority access to book one-on-one meeting(s) with a Gartner expert and interactive sessions 

*Preregistration is required. Hurry, space is limited.

Applicants must meet the following qualification criteria to participate:

  1. Enterprisewide CHRO, or
  2. Business unit or regional CHRO responsible for:
  • Private sector: 5,000+ employees
  • Public sector: 1,000+ employees

Qualifying CHROs from an organization that provides products or services to HR professionals must be involved exclusively in their organization’s internal HR operations.

You can apply to participate in the CHRO Circle when you register for Gartner ReimagineHR Conference by verifying you are the chief human resources officer within your organization. You will be notified by email regarding the status of your application. 

Application and approval are required for participation.

CHRO Circle participants gain access to exclusive sessions with vetted CHRO peers to discuss their top priorities. Here is a sample of CHRO-only sessions:

  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Influencing the Board on the People Agenda
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: How to Prepare for Radical Geopolitical Shifts
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Addressing Political and Social Issues With a Fragmented Workforce
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Strategic Workforce Planning for an Uncertain Future
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Making Flexibility Work for Everyone
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: CEO and C-Suite Succession in Today’s Turbulent World
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Redefining Culture in a Fragmented World
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Advancing DEI Priorities in the Face of Major Disruption
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Wellness That Works — Fostering Employee Well-Being and Avoiding Burnout
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Transforming Your CEO Into a Talent Champion
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Holding the C-Suite Accountable for DEI and Belonging
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: I’d Do Anything for Digital Talent (But I Won’t Do Remote)
  • CHRO Circle Exclusive Roundtable: Maintaining Equity With a Hybrid/Dispersed Workforce

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