Exploring cloud identity, IDaaS and cloud-based IAM solutions

The adoption of cloud platforms, applications and services has major implications for identity and access management (IAM) leaders. To support SaaS, platform as a service (PaaS) and IaaS requirements, most IAM organizations will need to adopt new cloud-delivered options. As digital transformation amplifies identities and interactions, IAM leaders will also need to craft specific planning, governance and solution architecture strategies.



Cloud coverage at the conference:



Join us this year to address these and other significant challenges related to cloud identity, identity and access management as a service (IDaaS) and cloud IAM solutions. You’ll hear the latest insights to help you:


  • Avoid common IAM pitfalls when migrating applications to the cloud
  • Ensure your identity governance and administration (IGA) deployments support cloud
  • Overcome active directory deficiencies in supporting cloud
  • Compare AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP for access control, authentication, single sign-on (SSO) and identity governance for IaaS
  • Evaluate the performance of the new crop of cloud multifactor authentication (MFA) services for trust, user experience and cost



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