Delivering effective IAM in a healthcare setting poses a unique array of challenges. Today’s healthcare organizations face unprecedented pressure to adapt to new business models, requiring IAM to adapt quickly. As health records are some of the most sensitive data to protect, and most lucrative to steal, data breaches are a constant threat. Meanwhile, the regulatory landscape keeps changing, and IAM system integration challenges get tougher with each merger and partnership.


This year’s agenda features a wealth of sessions to help you address these and other needs, including the latest insights on privacy, SSO, IGA and PAM. You can hear how Aetna is improving security with automation in a new case study, and join peers in your industry for a Healthcare Breakfast.


Key sessions on topics important to IAM professionals in the healthcare industry:

Monday, December 3
  • Networking Breakfast
  • Crossfire: A Debate on the Future of Privacy
  • Build for Privacy
  • GDPR: the Day After: 3 Myths and 6 Key Capabilities Discussed
  • Strategies for Making the Right Access Management and Single Sign-On Choices
  • Managed Privileged Access to Reduce Security Risks and Increase Agility
  • AETNA Case Study: Automating Controls Using Models and Security Orchestration


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Tuesday, December 4
  • Roundtable: Getting to SSO
  • Identity Next: Architect an IGA Solution That Can Withstand the Future


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Wednesday, December 5
  • Why You Must Consider Data Privacy When Building Your IoT Initiative
  • Plan for Success with Identity Governance Administration


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