Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2018, tracks designed to equip you for the next steps on your IAM journey. 



Track A
IAM Strategy and Program Management


A sound IAM strategy and an effective IAM program management are the
foundation of success in today’s highly dynamic digital business environment
where innovation is constant and business requirements are ever-changing.


Get the information you need to align your IAM strategy with corporate goals,
build an IAM roadmap with attainable milestones, organize project resources
and measure project success. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls through
best practices and lessons learned from successful and not-so-successful
IAM programs.

Track B
Access Management and Authorization


Users want seamless access to their mobile, cloud and enterprise applications. Access management and authorization technologies have evolved to support diversity in authentication methods, adaptive access, mobile computing,
internet-connected things and API target systems.


Explore how access management technologies have changed and catch up on the latest information on OpenID Connect, OAuth, blockchain and self-sovereign identity.



Track C
Identity Governance and Administration


Identity governance and administration help organizations reduce operational
overhead, streamline business operations, minimize risk and comply with regulations; however, the managed identity environment is growing in both
complexity and volume.


Define the challenges of identity administration and explore how next-generation identity architecture and technology innovations help solve these challenges. Get practical methods and long-term strategies to administer and govern identities.



Track D
Trust, Authentication and Fraud Prevention

In a world of increased risk and advanced attacks, organizations must adopt a continuous adaptive risk and trust model that allows for real-time, risk- and trust-based authentication decisions with adaptive responses. Get information on how to build an IAM system that adapts to support business needs and evolving trust relationships.


Learn how analytics, biometrics and other advanced authentication methods help provide frictionless access, while increasing security and preventing fraud.




Track E
Security, Risk and Privacy



The lines of delineation between IAM and its security, risk and privacy peers are diminishing as more identities, data sources and technologies are introduced. The mad rush to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), high-profile security breaches and the expanding threat landscape expose the need for a multifaceted approach to IAM, infrastructure protection, risk management, compliance and privacy protection.


This track explores the security and privacy disciplines and the market trends that align with IAM.

Senior Leadership Circle



Digital business presents IAM leaders with new challenges: They must understand business goals; quickly identify and assess associated risks; and communicate those risks to the business, in business terms.


Learn how to become a recognized business leader and a superstar communicator, facilitator and problem solver.




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