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Organizations are under increased pressure to move more high-risk interactions online. Get the tools you need to implement identity proofing and affirmation strategies that establish trust in a user’s real-world identity, while creating minimal friction in the user experience (UX).

A sample of 2023’s recommended sessions includes:

  • Stopping Account Takeover Attacks
  • Go Passwordless Whenever You Can, Wherever You Can
  • Technical Insights: Improve Customer Identity Corroboration With Passive Behavioral Biometrics
  • Why Is It So Hard to Prove Someone’s Identity Online?
  • The State of User Authentication, 2023: What It Is, Why It Matters, How It Will Change
  • Technical Insights: The Pitfalls of MFA and How to Avoid Them
  • Technical Insights: Your MFA Will Be Attacked — Can You Protect It?

Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Affirmation

Identity-first security principles are built on the initial establishment of trust in a real-world identity claim. Security and risk management leaders must balance assurance needs with optimizing UX, while orchestrating multiple tools and carefully selecting vendors from a crowded market.

Key findings

  • Organizations are under pressure to move more high-risk interactions online. However, the need to establish trust in the user’s real-world identity must be balanced with expectations for minimal friction in the user experience.
  • Making identity proofing, fraud detection and user authentication capabilities work together across the user journey can improve risk mitigation, reduce costs and boost innovation in product or service offerings, but remains challenging for organizations to execute on.
  • Organizations find it challenging to differentiate between the many identity proofing vendors on the market today amid indistinguishable marketing claims about accuracy and machine learning prowess.
  • The current paradigm of a user having to assert their real-world identity with every new service provider is not scalable given the pace of digitization. Portable digital identity solutions will be required to support both current and evolving use cases in the long term.

Identity proofing and affirmation, governance, program management, user authentication and more are covered in depth at this year’s conference: View Pricing

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