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Privileged access carries significant security risk, especially when users have standing privileges. Get up to speed with current privileged access management (PAM) processes and mitigate these risks more effectively through implementing just-in-time strategies and pursuing zero standing privileges as a goal.

A sample of 2023’s recommended sessions includes:

  • How to Be Successful With Privileged Access Management
  • Identity-First Security as the North Star for Your IAM Reimplementation
  • The State of Privileged Access Management (PAM), 2023
  • Insights From the Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities for Privileged Access Management
  • CIEM Is Paving the Way ​for Identity Immune Systems in the Cloud. What’s Next?
  • Ask the Expert: Discovering, Managing and Controlling Workload Identities

Reduce Risk Through a Just-in-Time Approach to Privileged Access Management

Even with PAM tools in place, the residual risk of users with standing privileges remains high. To manage PAM and mitigate the risk of standing access more effectively, IAM leaders should properly implement the principle of least privilege and leverage just-in-time strategies.

Key findings

  • Most administrative tasks do not require unconstrained privilege, but administrators are issued broad grants as standard operating procedure, which leads to unnecessarily increased risk from both mistakes and malicious action.
  • Access to personal privileged accounts is often perpetual and discretionary.
  • IAM leaders struggle to introduce changes to operational models for privileged access because administrators and IT operations staff are used to having personal privileged accounts that they can use at their discretion.

Privileged access management, identity governance and administration, user authentication and more are covered in depth at this year’s conference: View Pricing

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