IAM in Manufacturing

In a connected world, you know that identity and access management (IAM) sits at the very core of the manufacturing sector. You’re focused on scaling your workforces to become more agile and flexible — while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Join us for the very latest research and insights on the rapidly evolving IAM strategies and technologies necessary to automated user provisioning, while keeping manufacturing processes seamless and efficient.


You're in good company.

Your peers from GM, Northrup Grumman, Procter & Gamble are on the list! Are you ready to join?

Hot topics on the agenda

  • Cybersecurity, managing complexity, profitability measures
  • Increase security with multifactor authentication and federated identity
  • Leveraging opportunities in cloud, on-premises or hybrid environment
  • Single sign-on for seamless access to improve productivity
  • Automation processes for user administration
  • Deliver efficiencies, increase productivity while reducing cost

Recommended sessions

  • Best Practices for Microservices IAM
  • Lead the Way With Agile for IAM Program Initiatives
  • Planning Your IAM Reimplementation
  • Accelerate Your IAM Benefits Using DevOps and Agile
  • Selecting the Right CIAM Solution for Your Consumers, Customers and Citizens

I think as an industry we need to move into self-sovereign identity. I was glad to see the awareness is starting to build up. Gartner has brought together vendor and solution providers that can make this happen.

Manah Khalil

IT Director, Application Security, Verizon