IAM in Retail Sector

In a connected world, you know that identity and access management (IAM) sits at the very core of the retail industry. You’re focused on safeguarding customer data, maintaining compliance, balancing high employee turnover — all while improving your point of sale experiences.

Join us for the very latest research and insights on the rapidly evolving IAM strategies and technologies necessary to automate life cycle management, prevent threats and most important — provide a seamless customer experience.


You're in good company.

Your peers from Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Tyson Foods are on the list! Are you ready to join?

Hot topics on the agenda

  • Navigating decentralized and fragmented IAM processes
  • Scalability to reduce risk of breaches and compliance violations
  • Craft adaptable framework with flexible tools to apply across all agencies
  • Automation to provision and manage wide range of assurance profiles

Recommended sessions

  • Privacy Landscape in the United States
  • Taking IAM Program Management Global
  • Best Practices for Delegated Administration in a Digitally Transformed World
  • Guidance for Decentralized Identity Adoption
  • IAM Program Perspectives
  • Defining PAM Requirements and Evaluating Vendor Offerings
  • Selecting the Right CIAM Solution for Your Consumers, Customers and Citizens

I think that Gartner IAM Summit delivers very up to date and relevant content and great representation of analysts and vendors. Every penny is well spent.

2018 Attendee