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Mark McClain
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Mark McClain

CEO and Founder
In his role as CEO and Founder of SailPoint, Mark brings almost 35 years of experience in technology, with over 20 years as a founder and leader of innovative identity management companies. Under Mark’s direction, the company has grown into the leader in identity security for the modern enterprise. Mark directs and drives the overall vision and strategy for SailPoint, which is underpinned by his commitment and passion for building top-performing teams, creating a collaborative and innovative work environment, and focusing continuously on the needs of customers.
Teaming is a concept that Mark promotes throughout the company: teaming with forward- thinking customers to understand their needs, with partners to ensure customer success, and ultimately within SailPoint to develop innovative, market-leading solutions. Mark is passionate about maintaining the spirit of teamwork, even as SailPoint grows its employee base and its global presence to offices around the world.
Prior to SailPoint, he co-founded Waveset Technologies, which was ultimately acquired by Sun Microsystems. Mark’s career also includes diverse experience in international sales and marketing with Hewlett-Packard and IBM/Tivoli Systems.
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Monday, March 20, 2023 / 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM CDT
CEO Panel: The Journey of 2 Founder-CEOs: The Gartner Interview

Join us for a wide-ranging and thought-provoking conversation with Andre Durand, founder and CEO of Ping Identity and Mark McClain, founder and CEO of SailPoint. Mr. McClain founded SailPoint in 2005 and closed a deal to sell his company in 2022 for 6.9 billion dollars. Mr. Durand founded Ping Identity in 2002 and also led the acquisition of his company for 2.8 billion dollars in 2022. For the first time together on stage, we will learn what motivated and what challenged them during the journey of launching startup identity companies, going through investment rounds and IPOs, and bringing their companies back into private equity.

Join us to hear from Gartner experts and thought leaders.