Tarun Khandelwal
Guest speaker

Tarun Khandelwal

Information Security Program Executive
Tarun Khandelwal has extensive financial industry experience and is an information security veteran that is still learning every day from the broader security community. In his current role Tarun is working in a consulting capacity on developing and implementing security programs at EQ Bank, one of Canada’s leading digital only banks. Until very recently, Tarun was the Chief Security Architect at CIBC, leading a team of master puzzle solvers that pieced together a myriad of technologies to enable a control framework that effectively reduces risk and exposure. Tarun has worked at leading banks and leading security software solution providers over the last two decades. While Tarun has worked across a number of cyber related domains, his focus and passion have been on Identity and Access Management and Cloud Security.
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Monday, August 22, 2022 / 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM PDT
Case Study: Cloud Privileges – Grappling with a Different Beast

In this session, will discuss how we grappled with, and continue to do so, with privilege exposures in a cloud environment. We’ll discuss the building blocks for our target state architecture for Identity, and how cloud entitlement management fits into that big picture. This session will also discuss lessons learned.

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