Identity Governance and Administration

Next steps in identity governance and administration

Identity governance and administration is the largest investment that most IAM programs will make. It’s also the highest risk IAM technology to deploy. Hyperconnected digital business environments are forcing organizations to manage large numbers of users across many different applications, platforms and operating systems. Most organizations struggle to handle this proliferation of identities and systems. Implemented carefully, today’s increasingly cloud-delivered IGA solutions can help you successfully reign in digital era identity challenges.



Identity governance and administration coverage at the conference:

IGA is one of the core topics on the agenda at this year’s summit, with in-depth coverage of trends and best practices, including:


  • IGA fundamentals
  • How to incorporate IGA into existing processes
  • How the IGA vendor landscape and capabilities are evolving
  • Next-generation IGA solutions to support cloud, mobile, DevOps, AI, analytics and cybersecurity
  • Using robotic process automation (RPA) and bots to extend automation opportunities for IGA solutions

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