The impact of evolving privacy concerns on IAM

Privacy is shaking up IAM. Around the world, there’s a heightened awareness of the value and risks associated with personal data in the digital age. From high-visibility data breaches to increased regulation, the debate about what’s at stake and what to do about it rages on. Organizations need to be ready to make privacy more central to how they create and deliver products and services, and IAM leaders need to be prepared to address issues of compliance and customer confidence. Privacy concerns are driving the convergence of IAM with data security as the ability to provide people with control of their personal data becomes a competitive differentiator.



Privacy coverage at the conference:

Privacy issues permeate much of this year’s summit agenda. In addition, several sessions will address privacy-related topics in depth. Join us for the latest recommendations to help you:

  • Build the necessary IAM capabilities to protect privacy
  • Manage privacy for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and data
  • Appreciate lessons learned from the GDPR experience
  • Understand the security and privacy implications of blockchain
  • Limit liability by making compliance a natural part of your processes

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