Privileged Access Management

Improving security with privileged access management

Poorly managed privileged access can expose organizations to security breaches and regulatory rebukes, resulting in business losses and financial penalties. IAM leaders must effectively manage privileged access in a risk-aware fashion. The right combination of specialized privileged access management (PAM) tools and careful governance can help you improve security and compliance, as well as ensure auditability and accountability.


Privileged access management coverage at the conference:


At this year’s summit, you’ll learn how to make progress bringing privileged access accounts and identities into an organized system of control with the latest tools and strategies. Join us to explore key topics in PAM, including:


  • PAM basics
  • How to evolve your PAM maturity
  • What PAM tools are available and when, and how to use them
  • How IaaS platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP) manage PAM
  • PAM in DevOps environments
  • Privileged access architectures to improve cybersecurity

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