Prepare for Consumer Privacy Acts in 2020

Consumer privacy legislation is sweeping the nation, taking extensive action to protect their residents' data. The California Consumer Privacy Act introduces new challenges when handling personal data and raises the baseline across the U.S. Texas, Washington and Massachussetts are making great strides to follow suit. 

IAM and Security leaders should seize the opportunity to position their privacy program as a competitive advantage and not merely for compliance. View research

Ready to be proactive? Join us this December for a comprehensive look at IAM, privacy and how to be more proactive in handling subject rights and personal data under privacy laws nationwide and beyond.

Recommended Sessions:

  • Practical Privacy: Handling Subject Rights Under the CCPA
  • Ask the Expert: Privacy Landscape in the United States
  • Mastering Consumer Consent and Preference Management
  • Best Practices for CIAM
  • Enabling the Customer Experience with Fraud Management
  • Top Trends in Customer Identity and Access Management Solution Design
By 2021, 80% of the negative financial impact of the CCPA will come from failure to implement a scalable subject rights workflow, as opposed to regulatory fines and litigation.

Source: Gartner