At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2019

A perennial focus for I&O leaders, optimizing costs and assuring funding is being allocated to the right things is a critical part of managing I&O effectively. It’s also one of the big paradoxes faced today by many:  how to keep costs down and optimize, while growing, innovating and investing to support digital business.

How to Realize Cost Savings After Migrating to the Cloud

Despite a wealth of cloud economics advice, IT organizations rarely realize anticipated savings and find further cost reductions elusive. CIOs’ teams should take these practical actions in demand, provider and financial management to realize cost savings and avoid cloud overspend.

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We’ve got you covered. Explore this topic through aligned sessions including:

  • Gartner's Top Ten Tips, Tactics, and Tricks for Negotiation Success
  • Top I&O Cost Optimization Ideas - Beyond the Data Center
  • Confronting I&O Technical Debt
  • Cloud Cost Optimization Through Cost Management and Governance
  • Software Asset Management Managed Services - Addressing the Elephant in the Room
  • Cost Optimization — Using TCO to Optimize Digital Workplace Endpoint and Cloud Office Decisions
  • ServiceNow: How to Realistically Estimate Your License Needs and Costs
  • Managing Software Assets in a Cloudy World