DevOps: the road to increased business value and agility starts here

DevOps is quickly becoming mainstream, but questions remain on how this relatively new approach to culture, automation and platform design can deliver what it promises: improved business value through fast-paced, iterative IT service delivery. Plenty of I&O leaders still face roadblocks implementing and scaling a DevOps practice. 

What to do? At this year’s conference you’ll see how to ensure the success of your DevOps initiatives by better understanding the practices, principles, technology and tools you need in place for the next stage of your DevOps journey. 

Sample sessions include:

  • Technical Insights: The Road to DevOps: How to Build the Continuous Infrastructure Automation Pipeline
  • The Role of I&O With Virtual Machines, Containers, and Serverless
  • An Iterative Adoption Approach is Key to DevOps Success in Large Organizations
  • What Is Happening to the DevOps Toolchain Market and Why It Matters to you
  • Scaling Agile and DevOps for Digital Transformation
  • How to Safely Begin Chaos Engineering to Increase Reliability