At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2019

For infrastructure & operations leaders redefining their roles and value propositions is critical to success in today’s rapidly advancing digital environment. But the big question remains: how quickly can you put in place the necessary skills to help your organization build out its digital future? See how to address the growing I&O skills gap by developing talent from within and creating the digital dexterity today’s business demands.

The 2019 conference will feature a dedicated track along with the return of the Senior Leadership Circle which will deliver practical strategies to address the challenges impacting your organization and career. 

10 Competencies an I&O Leader Should Embrace to Be Successful Supporting Digital Business

By 2022, 80% of I&O organizations that fail to develop servant leadership competencies will not meet their digital transformation goals.

A command-and-control leadership style does not foster servant leadership in I&O teams, inhibiting the team’s ability to drive innovation and agility. I&O leaders must assess and adapt their leadership style to better support digital transformation using the 10 key competencies of servant leaders.

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Lead an I&O skills transformation to enable an agile digital business future

Explore leadership, people and culture through aligned sessions including:

  • Research Discussion for Heads of Infrastructure: Accelerating I&O’s Contribution to Digital Transformation
  • The I&O Scenario: Embracing Chaos as Means in Creating Tangible Value for the Business
  • Achieving an Optimal Infrastructure and Operations Organization Structure for the Digital Age
  • Quantum Computing: What Do I&O Leaders Need to Know?
  • Scaling for Digital Success — Tackling the I&O Skills Gap
  • To Succeed in Digital Business, Transform Your I&O Team From Project Management to Product Delivery
  • How to Chart Your Path to a Digital Business
  • Let’s Get Personal with Employee Experiences: A Cross-Industry Perspective