Dive into Cost Optimization & Value at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

With today’s higher inflation and energy prices, how will this directly impact the future of infrastructure costs? How can you quickly address and implement cost-cutting measures when it comes to cloud adoption? And how can Gartner’s four step methodology based on a cross-team approach lead to infrastructure cost savings opportunities? We’ve worked with our team of analysts to create a track that is dedicated to helping you optimize operational costs at the edge, cloud and on-premises while maximizing value for the anywhere business.

Hear from Marco Meinardi, the track chair of Optimizing Costs and Value on how we will address these concerns and more at the upcoming event. 

Take a look at what we cover at the conference in December on cost optimization from Gartner VP Analyst Marco Meinardi.

  • Remote and Hybrid Work: Balancing Technology, Risk and Budgets
  • Contract Negotiation Clinic: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure
  • Contract Negotiation Clinic: Microsoft
  • Technical Insights: Is Public Cloud Cheaper Than My Data Center?
  • Contract Negotiation Clinic: Four Steps to Negotiate and Optimize Outsourced Infrastructure Services Costs
  • Evaluating Consumption-Based Bids for Data Center Infrastructure
  • Technical Insights: FinOps or CloudOps? Embedding Cloud Financial Management in Your Cloud Operating Model
  • Technical Insights: From Cutting Costs to Measuring the Value of Cloud Deployments
  • Prevent Cloud Cost Spirals, By Building Cost Resilience Into Your Cloud
  • How IT Leaders Should Strategize Vendor Negotiations to Combat Inflation
  • Clinic: Gartner's Top 10 Tips, Tactics, and Tricks to Enhance Your Technology Negotiation Playbook
  • Optimizing costs and performance for Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365
  • Ask The Expert: Use Gartner's 4 Step S-A-V-E Methodology to Identify and Report Infrastructure Cost Optimization Opportunities
  • How to Cut the Cost of Your Digital Infrastructure in 90 Days using Dynamic Sourcing.
  • IT Outsourcing Framework to Effectively Manage Service Providers
  • Roundtable: - Inflation, Energy Prices, and Global Issues vs. Your IT Infrastructure

Included in your conference registration is a 30 minute one on one with a Gartner Expert.  Get advice tailored to your most pressing challenges.  

Here are experts who are available for one-on-ones that are focused on cost optimization and value. 

Lisa Pierce

VP, Advisory

Dolores Ianni

VP, Advisory

Douglas Toombs

VP Analyst

Andrew Miljanovski

VP, Advisory

Tony Harvey

Sr Director Analyst

Marco Meinardi

VP AnalystVP Analyst

David Wright

Sr Director Analyst

JoAnn Rosenberger

Distinguished VP Analyst

Tom Cipolla

Sr Director AnalystVP Analyst

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  • Expires: October 7, 2022
  • Standard price: $3975
  • Public-sector price: $3375

Eligibility for the public-sector price will be verified; proof of public-sector status will be required. Price cannot be applied retroactively. “Public sector” definition: National government, state or local government, public administration.

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