Midsize Enterprise Program

Dedicated sessions with your scale and operational environment in mind

In many midsize organizations, the obstacles to transformation are significant. With the constant challenges of resource availability and a need for diverse capabilities, midsize enterprise (MSE) teams comprise true versatilists: multidimensional specialists with intimate business knowledge.

We have identified many of the most challenging issues for MSEs and have curated sessions that focus on these unique issues, with customized guidance and advice.

Recommended sessions for MSE IT leaders

  • How Technology Leaders in Midsize Enterprises should think about Edge computing 
  • Why using a Single IaaS Provider Ecosystem makes for a sound Hybrid Infrastructure Strategy in Midsize Enterprises 
  • The 6 Building Blocks of Infrastructure and Operations Maturity in Midsize Enterprises 
  • Roundtable: What is driving technology and workload placement decisions in Midsize Enterprises
  • How to approach I&O Maturity in Midsize Enterprises 
  • What happened inside of infrastructure and operations over the last 2 years!
  • Workshop: Developing a Ransomware Playbook for Midsize Incident Response
  • Midsize Guide to Security in a Hybrid Environment 
  • Roundtable: Effective Security with Limited Resources 
  • Why using a Single IaaS provider Ecosystem makes for a sound Hybrid Infrastructure Strategy in Midsize Enterprises 
  • Mission (Nearly) Impossible: Attracting and Retaining IT Talent

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Gartner Experts

Gartner experts covering Midsize Enterprise top priorities include:

  • Mark Margevicius, Vice President and Research Director 
  • Mike Cisek, Vice President, Analyst 
  • Paul Furtado, Vice President, Analyst 

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