Join technical professionals at Gartner I&O Conference

The Technical Insights spotlight track offers sessions that provide drill-down analysis of critical I&O topics. They are designed for attendees that desire greater technical depth in areas of architecture and design. The sessions are presented by Gartner for Technical Professionals experts.

Below you will find a list of recommended sessions and Gartner experts who will be onsite covering topics for I&O technical professionals. 

Get a taste of what you can expect onsite by replaying a top technical insight session from 2022 “Technical Insights: The Coming Disruption of Cloud-Native Infrastructure,” presented by VP Analyst Tony Iams. 

Gartner brings I&O leaders the actionable, objective insights, expert guidance and tools needed to achieve their mission-critical priorities. At the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference tackle your key initiatives and learn how to thrive in today’s anywhere business. 
Gain access to:
  • Objective, research-backed sessions led by Gartner experts
  • Personalized interaction with seasoned experts
  • Actionable insights and best practices on your most pressing I&O challenges
  • Informal and formal networking opportunities with your peers
Below are recommended sessions for technical professionals for 2023: 
  • Technical Insights: The Art of Threat Modeling
  • Technical Insights: Is Quantum Computing the Next Generation Innovation Opportunity?
  • Technical insights: How to Transform New Roles and Skills to Keep Pace With Next Generation Distributed Everything Architectures
  • Technical insights: Selecting and Implementing AIOps Platforms To Maximize Business Value
  • Technical insights: Outlook for Application Security
  • Technical insights: Top Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Disaster Recovery in the Public Cloud
  • Technical insights: Ransomware 101: Maximizing protection using existing technologies
  • Technical insights: Network of future: The LEO Satellite Connectivity challenge
  • Technical Insights: What Makes a Great Cloud Architect?
  • Technical Insights: Top 10 Cloud Migration Best Practices
  • Technical insights: Don’t expect your father’s CDN in the Edge era
  • Technical Insights — Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture: The Next Generation of Security Architecture
  • Ask the Expert: Modern Secure Backup and Recovery Best Practices
  • Ask the Expert: How Do I Mature My Cloud Center of Excellence?
  • Technical insights: The Cocktail-Napkin Cloud Strategy: Efficiently Align Your Organization Around Key Principles
  • Ask the Expert: How Do I Implement a Multicloud Strategy?
  • Technical Insights: Improve Your Cloud Efficiency by Tracking the Value of Your Deployments
  • Technical Insights: Introducing the Gartner Framework for Cloud Financial Management
  • Ask the Expert: Cloud Financial Management and FinOps
  • Technical insights: Best practices for networking inside the public cloud
  • Technical insights: Engineering Platforms the Future of Cloud Networking: Bridging the Great Divide Between Networking and Apps
  • The Evolving Digital Foundation
  • Technical Insights: How To Manage Costs of Applications Running in Containers and Kubernetes
  • Ask the Expert: How to Secure Cloud-Native Applications
  • Technical insights: Transitioning Your Skillset from Traditional IT to the Cloud
  • Technical Insights: Build Cloud-Native Infrastructure to Maximize Impact of Modern Applications
  • Roundtable Building a Cloud Talent Program
  • Technical Insights: When Does It Make Sense to Run Containers and Kubernetes at the Edge?
  • Ask the Expert: Running Applications With Containers, Kubernetes, and Serverless Platforms
  • Technical insights: From Chaos to Clarity: Best Practices for Monitoring Critical Infrastructure in an Multi Cloud Environment
  • Technical insights: Slouching Toward GitOps: Platform Engineering and the Future of IT Operations
  • Technical insights: Infrastructure Automation: The Hard Parts
  • Ask the Expert: How to Apply IaC to Support Your Platform Engineering Initiatives


View the full agenda here. 

Below is a list of Gartner experts who will be onsite delivering technical insight sesisons:

  • William Dupre
  • Matthew Brisse
  • Stanton Cole
  • Mohini Dukes
  • Ang Troy
  • Simon Richard
  • Patrick Hevesi
  • Fintan Quinn
  • Lydia Leong
  • Marco Meinardi
  • Simon Richard
  • David Smith
  • Tony Iams
  • Douglas Toombs
  • Dylan Roberts
  • Paul Delory
  • Lucas Albuquerque

View the full list of Gartner experts here.