Join technical professionals at Gartner I&O Conference

The Technical Insights spotlight track offers sessions that provide drill-down analysis of critical I&O topics. They are designed for attendees that desire greater technical depth in areas of architecture and design. The sessions are presented by Gartner for Technical Professionals experts.

Replay a top Technical Insights session from 2022

Cloud-native infrastructure makes components such as orchestration, clustering and service catalogs part of the infrastructure foundation. It is usually based on Kubernetes, which will become ubiquitous as it is increasingly used to support distributed cloud and edge computing. This session will provide guidance for adapting development and operations practices to best leverage cloud-native infrastructure as it evolves.

Take a look at this top session from 2022, “Technical Insights: The Coming Disruption of Cloud-Native Infrastructure,” presented by VP Analyst Tony Iams. 

Gartner brings I&O leaders the actionable, objective insights, expert guidance and tools needed to achieve their mission-critical priorities. At the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference tackle your key initiatives and learn how to thrive in today’s anywhere business. 
Gain access to:
  • Objective, research-backed sessions led by Gartner experts
  • Personalized interaction with seasoned experts
  • Actionable insights and best practices on your most pressing I&O challenges
  • Informal and formal networking opportunities with your peers
We are still busy building the 2023 agenda for technical professionals within infrastructure and operation leaders. In the meantime, take a look back at the program for 2022:
  • Extracting Value From AIOps by Analyzing Operational Telemetry
  • The Anatomy of the Quantum Computing Use Case
  • How Can 5G Become the Foundation for Business Anywhere?
  • From Cutting Costs to Measuring the Value of Cloud Deployments
  • FinOps or CloudOps? Embedding Cloud Financial Management in Your Cloud Operating Model
  • The Coming Disruption of Cloud-Native Infrastructure
  • How to Decide Between VMs, Containers and Serverless in the Cloud
  • Leveraging Kubernetes-Based Platforms for Modernization and Automation
  • Is Public Cloud Cheaper Than My Data Center?
  • Inside the Infrastructure Automation Factory
  • Cloud Platform Operations: How to Deliver Services Like a Cloud MSP
  • How to Handle Cloud Service Outages
  • Empowering Developers Without Abandoning Them to “You Build It, You Run It”
  • Turning Data Streams Into Business Value at the Edge
  • How to Integrate IoT at the Edge
  • Applying Infrastructure as Code Method for Network Automation
  • Your Devs Hate Your Network: Adopt Service-Centric Networking
  • Ransomware Recovery Architecture: We Can Be Ready for the Breach
  • Serverless at Edge: Do You Even Need a Cloud?
  • Effective Cloud Platform Governance in a Product-Led World
  • Infrastructure 2027: Platform Engineering and Operations for Your Next Five Years
  • Jump-Starting Your AIOps Journey
  • From RPA to Hyperautomation
  • Top 6 Cloud and Edge Computing Trends to Focus on Now
  • Hyperconvergence and Distributed Cloud: A Technical Market Guide
  • How to Implement a Cloud Center of Excellence That Empowers, Enables and Educates
  • How to Build an Edge Technology Framework
  • A Business Anywhere Requires a Network Anywhere