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Alishba Imran
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Alishba Imran

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Alishba Imran is a 19-year-old machine learning developer working on accelerating hardware/automation and energy storage.
Currently, Alishba is managing ML perception and prediction projects at Cruise and has done research at NVIDIA on RL-based simulation. Alongside this, she is publishing a book with O'Reilly on her work. Previously, Alishba led ML research at SJSU/the BLINC lab to reduce the cost of prosthetics from $10,000 to $700 and led neuro-symbolic AI for Sophia the Robot, the world's most human-like robot.

Other noteworthy accomplishments include:
- Co-founded startup Voltx, a software platform that utilized machine learning to accelerate battery testing and materials discovery.
- Founded Honestblocks, a blockchain platform that using blockchain could put an end to counterfeit medication in developing countries.
- Worked at startup Kindred.Ai (acquired by Ocado) to tackle complex supply chain issues using robotics and built software that would pick up more than 60 million units of retail items in production.
- Developed ML approaches for soft robotics to help stroke patients recover neuromuscular function using the Soft Robotics Toolkit at the Harvard Biodesign Lab.

Alishba’s work has been featured on Forbes, Financial Post, and Yahoo Finance. Alishba spoken to over 40,000 people at some of the largest tech conferences about her research and projects!
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