Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2019 Tracks Overview

IT Infrastructure and Operations is at the center of persistent disruptive change.  More than a target, it’s the bull’s eye.  As IT Infrastructure becomes increasingly digital and distributed, complexities and challenges multiply.

Automation, new cloud capabilities, DevOps, AI and IoT ⁠— all these press for expanded skills and talents in a hybrid IT world. Get the insights you need to remain relevant to the digital business of tomorrow.  At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference, we have 10 tracks dedicated to your priorities.

View the 2019 tracks below to accelerate innovation and agility in a hybrid world.

The traditional data center and its services have given way to a hybrid mix of on-premises, edge-based, colocated and cloud-based services. Modern IT infrastructure can, and will, be distributed to wherever it is needed to support specific workload types. This track explores the methods and options available today for deploying these workloads and for creating an agile enterprise.

Session highlights:

  • Emerging Technologies for Frontline Workers
  • Is It Time to Put the Enterprise Network Access Layer on Autopilot?
  • Simplifying Infrastructure by Application Workload and Delivery
  • Building Cloud-Native Networks
  • How to Navigate Hybrid Container Software Market 

As cloud computing enters its second decade, enterprise IT has embraced the concept of multicloud as an accepted delivery model for enterprise applications. Yet despite its value, concerns remain about how best to balance between cloud computing as the answer and cloud computing as one of many answers for IT. This track explores how to develop a successful cloud strategy and strike the right balance between value and risk.


Session highlights:

  • How and When Should Serverless Computing Come Into Play?
  • Avoiding the Top Mistakes in Your Organization’s Cloud Strategy
  • The State of Container Technologies: 2019 Through 2023
  • Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide
  • Welcome to the Fascinating Future of Multicloud

Digital business and the move toward hybrid workload placement models will dramatically impact I&O, demanding that organizations rethink their IT service delivery strategies. Automation of repetitive processes will be critical for IT’s success. This track focuses on the planning, automation, orchestration and delivery of on-premises and external solutions and services.

Session highlights for this track are:

  • Success With Automation Drives I&O Success
  • What Is Happening to the DevOps Toolchain Market and Why It Matters to You
  • How to Implement Software-Defined Infrastructures for Hybrid, Cloud and Edge Environments
  • Artificial Intelligence: What Should I&O Leaders Expect and Do to Succeed
  • Reasons Why Your AI Project Will Fail (and What to Do Instead)

Dramatically expanding digital business requirements continue to highlight the perennial problem within most I&O organizations — how to support ever-growing infrastructure and operations requirements on an ongoing basis, while still understanding new trends and technologies that could significantly benefit IT and the business. This track explores the balance between ensuring operational stability and tapping into emerging trends.

Session highlights for this track are:

  • The State of the IoT Network Landscape
  • Why Quantum Computing — Why Now? Live Quantum Computing Demonstration
  • Best Practices in Modern WANs
  • Just Call Me SASE: The Merger of WAN Edge and Edge Security
  • Myth Busters: AIOps and What It Really Means for IT Operations

Continuous modernization is required of servers, storage, networks, facilities and applications. Meanwhile, new business strategies and the proliferation and analysis of data are putting new pressures on IT infrastructure. This track focuses on how to support traditional infrastructures as you acknowledge the need to simultaneously implement an agile approach.

Session highlights for this track are:

  • The Digital Infrastructure Compute Scenario
  • Delivering Composable, Programmable and Intelligent Infrastructure Across the Portfolio
  • The Impact of Cloud and In-Memory Technology on ERP Infrastructure Delivery
  • The Infrastructure Strategies Hype Cycle
  • What’s New in Networking

To succeed in the digital era, I&O leaders must be willing to embark on “creative destruction” — fundamentally rethinking the technology architecture, processes and people required for next-generation workloads, including Internet of Things, endpoint and edge environments. Enhanced customer experience, near-real-time analytics and endpoint management are all impacted when proximity may drive the solution outbound, but when IT still retains responsibility.

Session highlights for this track are:

  • Finding and Containing Rogue Devices Requires a New Network Strategy
  • Four Networking Issues Every IoT Solution Must Solve
  • IoT’s Opportunities and Challenges in 2019 and Beyond
  • Achieve Physical Security at The Edge
  • The Evolution of Endpoint Strategies in Support of Digital Workplace Initiatives

Enterprises are rapidly becoming digital businesses — connecting people, businesses and things to increase revenue, efficiency and time to market. However, the call to do more with what you have is pervasive in I&O. But continuous cost-cutting is a path to irrelevance. This track helps I&O leaders optimize existing resources while also making the right investments to expand and transform I&O’s value proposition in the long term.

Session highlights for this track are:

  • Agile, Meet DevOps: What to Do When Dev Goes Agile
  • Accelerating I&O’s Contribution to Digital Transformation
  • Four Steps to Adopt Open-Source Software as Part of the DevOps Toolchain
  • Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Capabilities Needed for Digital Business Success
  • An Iterative Adoption Approach Is Key to DevOps Success in Large Organizations

I&O leaders must redefine the mission of IT operations to focus on delivering positive business outcomes. This change will not be easy, given existing pressures to move faster, while running and maintaining the existing IT infrastructure. This track focuses on the infrastructure and operational processes, technologies and human capabilities that enable desired business outcomes.

Session highlights for this track are:

  • The Product-Centric Infrastructure Organization
  • 15 Infrastructure KPIs for Digital Business Transformation
  • Take an Ecosystem Approach to Improve Your Infrastructure Returns
  • Selecting the Right Tools for Multicloud Management
  • Top Cost Reduction Ideas

The growing demand for 24/7 technology services is placing new pressure on the IT organization, underscoring the need for a robust cybersecurity, operational resilience and service continuity management programs. This track examines key aspects of security, business continuity, recovery and governance, revealing why businesses that fail to create an effective cybersecurity and BCM program risk catastrophic business disruptions.

Session highlights for this track are:

  • State of Cloud DR in 2019
  • Will IT Resilience Orchestration Improve Your Disaster Recovery Capabilities?
  • SaaS Cloud Contingency Planning: Imperative or Idiocy in Today’s Environment?
  • Resilient Infrastructure Delivery in Hybrid IT Environments
  • Backup for SaaS Applications: What You Need to Know

The challenge of cultivating an IT culture that can adapt quickly to support the business and new technology trends is a critical requirement in today’s enterprise. This track explains why cultural-change leadership matters now more than ever — exploring the drivers of culture, how it influences goals and objectives, and how team and workplace factors affect it.

Session highlights for this track are:

  • Taking SRE Steps to Scale DevOps
  • Personalizing I&O’s Transformation for Individuals
  • Start Building Your Automation Team NOW
  • Changing Roles for Operations in the Era of Cloud and DevOps
  • Scaling for Digital Success: Tackling the I&O Skills Gap

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