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Hal Bookbinder

Director, IT Strategic Finance

UCLA Health Information Technology


A Strategic Approach to IT Savings


Our approach to IT savings is to fully involve the entire leadership team and rather than to rely on a small team of financial and procurement experts. By the time the finance and procurement teams are engaged, it is often too late to make much of a difference as most leverage has been lost or given away and there is an urgency to close the deal. The answer we often hear is to engage the finance and procurement team early in the process. However, this creates its own problems, with bottlenecks and perceived bureaucracy. Further, there always seems to be an emergency where financials must take a back seat due to immediate business and technological needs.


The approach we have been championing strives to raise the awareness, ability and personal commitment of the entire leadership team in identifying and pursuing opportunities for savings, without detracting from great technological results. Over the past three years we have saved over $20 million due directly to IT leadership led negotiation, substitution, reduction and various other techniques with no negative impact on solution delivery.

Ivan Graack

Manager IT Asset Management


Lessons Learned, Surviving a Jury Trial Against a Software Audit


Being audited by software vendors continues to be a growing challenge for all IT departments. The discovery, investigation and any negotiations are time consuming and draining to time and budgets. Ever wonder what happens if you cannot come to an agreement? Will your software vendor “partner” take you to court? Come hear lessons learned from a case that went from “mutually beneficial” agreement to lawyers standing in front of an actual judge and jury trying to explain software licensing. Lessons learned about documentation, information retention, communications and contracts are essential day to day but crucial in a court of law. In the end “who won”?

Michele Thompson

Director of Sourcing


Developing a Retained Organization to Support Outsourcing


This case study highlights the challenges and suggested solutions when retaining individual’s during an Data Center Outsourced engagement. This will include taking a deeper dive into the following:

  • Understanding enterprise and business unit initiatives
  • Defining the Retained organization and competency models
  • Managing through change – Training and understanding of outsourced deal

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