Rob Schafer

Senior Director, Gartner Research

Question 1: What are the big challenges facing IT finance management leaders?

IT finance leaders are constantly challenged to deliver effective IT financial management that optimizes cost while delivering value and agility to the business. This need for agility and innovation is driving significant change in IT financial management (ITFM). While the need to balance cost, value and risk remains unchanged, many of the supporting ITFM processes must be changed to enable effective decision making. And yet too often, ITFM leaders lack the clear mandate, stakeholder buy-in, and resource commitment required for effective financial governance and cost optimization.

Question 2: How can IT financial and procurement leaders develop and deploy both a strategic cost optimization framework and roadmap, with the specific, tactical actions required to consistently deliver on its promise?

The cost optimization sessions in the track for IT finance leaders will attack on several fronts the ever-present challenge of continuous IT cost optimization:

  • How to gain critical stakeholder buy-in for an effective and specific cost optimization roadmap framework
  • How to develop the cross-team collaboration that is a core success prerequisite for consistently effective cost optimization
  • What an effective cost optimization playbook looks like, and what the specific, tactical actions are that work, but do not require a lengthy qualification process
  • How to drive TCO adoption into foundational sourcing and procurement processes, and then identify and harvest the ripest opportunities for TCO-based cost savings

Question 3: What is the one take-away an attendee should walk away with from your track?

Attendees will take away from the IT finance leaders track actionable best practices to deliver both effective strategic IT financial management that delivers value, speed and agility to the business, and proven tactical techniques to consistently optimize operating costs.