Emerging Customer and Market Insights

Successful insights functions increase knowledge of customers and the market across the enterprise by synthesizing new and existing information and producing actionable insights. To know where your market is headed is to understand how your customer and marketing is changing. 

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Industries are evolving or dying, audiences are polarizing, and global/local market considerations have never been more relevant. At the Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo, we’ll help you stay ahead by helping you understand how the landscape is changing.


Aligned topic sessions: 

  • The Digital World of Gen Z
  • Why Consumer Mobility Will Disrupt Marketing in the next Five Years
  • How Complex Consumer Frustration with Amazon Creates Openings for Discouraged Brands



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5 Gartner Marketing Predictions

Consumers have become numb to brand interactions that are not authentic and relevant. They want the brands they love to demonstrate a thorough understanding of their preferences, offer personalized interactions and make a social impact. Consumers are redefining brand value on their terms, demanding greater convenience and relevance from every engagement and every device. Read the full article from Smarter With Gartner. 


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