Reach Peak Marketing Performance with Data, Analytics & Measurement

Marketing automation and personalization have become critical capabilities for marketers to meet the shifting needs of consumers. To keep up, marketers must develop new competencies in areas such as data sourcing, integration and management, and advanced analytics. Data and analytics are now foundational for marketing.  Marketers that do not evolve will fall behind, ultimately losing relevance to a diverse consumer base. 

We've got you covered

Achieve your marketing goals and measure your successes through adept use of data and analytics. At Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo, we’ll inspire you with advances in measurement, modeling, targeting and personalization. 


Aligned topic sessions: 


  • Understanding Marketing Analytics Tech Landscape
  • Building an Innovative Marketing Analytics Org
  • Extracting Value from Varied Customer Data



Gartner Marketing Research: Data, Analytics & Measurement

In more than 45% of marketing organizations, data scientists perform basic activities such as data visualization and preparing data for analysis.


The future is personalized, people-based and predictive. Eighty-one percent of marketers expect the majority of their decisions to be data-driven by 2020. Seventy-six percent say that's already the case.


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