The value of Gartner Experts

Gartner delivers actionable, objective insight to CMOs and their executive teams. Our expert guidance and tools enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on your organization’s mission-critical priorities. At Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo, you develop your professional network, build upon your leadership skills and tackle your key initiatives so you can build a digital, adaptable and resilient marketing organization.

Gain access to:

  • Research-backed sessions led by Gartner experts
  • Personalized interaction with seasoned experts
  • The latest Gartner marketing research debuted at the conference, in an environment built for dialogue
  • Actionable insights and best practices on your most pressing challenges

Who are Gartner experts?

Gartner experts are the people behind the research our clients trust. They extract insights from qualitative and quantitative research, and thousands of client interactions every year. As unbiased leaders in the marketing field, Gartner experts serve as conference speakers, attendee mentors and research facilitators. 

Opportunities to interact with marketing experts

In addition to attending any track sessions across the conference agenda, as an attendee, you’re entitled to one Gartner one-on-one meeting, two roundtables and two Ask the Expert sessions for a deeper and more personal dive into particular topics or challenges. View the agenda for a full list of sessions.

Gartner one-on-one meeting*

This popular session provides you 30 minutes of undivided attention and support from a Gartner expert. Get feedback on a key initiative or share an urgent challenge. Attendees tell us these meetings in themselves are worth the cost of the conference admission.

Roundtable sessions*

Your marketing executive peers from leading organizations and various industries discuss relevant topics inspired by the latest research in these Gartner-expert-moderated, small-group sessions. 

Ask the Expert sessions*

These small-group discussions foster learning and feature one Gartner expert who answers your pressing questions. 

*Hurry, space is limited. Depending on availability and eligibility, registered attendees may sign up for these session types via Gartner Conference Navigator after registration. 


The value of Gartner research, interaction with the experts, unparalleled peer group networking and inspiring speakers are just a few reasons attendees come back to Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo year after year. Here’s what attendees have to say.

“The speakers were dynamic, great presentations, relatable information.”

2022 virtual conference attendee

“The conference was very informative, practical and comprehensive. The presenters are clearly 'do-ers' and not just academic. Real-world application.”

2022 virtual conference attendee

“Lots of relevant content. Fantastic speakers with lots of practical examples.”

2022 virtual conference attendee