Brands are under growing pressure to innovate as we progress through the digital age.

Evolving and increasingly demanding customer needs, a tougher competitor landscape, which includes the rising threat posed by disruptive upstarts, and the rising need to demonstrate ROI and shareholder value mean that Marketing teams are looking for new strategic approaches and innovation opportunities. 

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CMO Spend Survey 2020-2021 — The First view of Gartner’s 2020-2021 CMO Spend Survey. This essential survey has helped marketing leaders benchmark and build their strategic plans and budgets since 2012.

The Lessons Mass Consumer Brands Must Learn From Disruptors  — The competitive landscape facing mass consumer brands continues to evolve fast as disruption caused by technology and upstart brands continues to threaten existing business models. The bad news for most incumbent brands is that a slight majority of consumers (54%) believe these upstart brands care more about creating products and services that consumers want. Particularly, concerning is the number of millennials that believe this to be true, currently 70%. To remain competitive, incumbent brands need better understand what these upstarts are doing so effectively to make their products and services more appealing to consumers.

Ask the Expert: The Growing Strategic Importance of Marketing Operations (registration required) — As marketing’s expected contribution to business success increases, marketing leaders need to establish a discrete function with operational skills that enable efficient and scalable process excellence and marketing accountability. The marketing operations function is evolving, advancing and adding several new strategic responsibilities. 

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