How do you measure marketing performance?

Organizations devote the largest share of their budget, 16%, to marketing analytics. Despite these investments, organizations still have variable marketing maturity, evidenced by responses to Gartner’s 2019 Marketing Maturity Assessment. Furthermore, analytics has remained a top-ranked marketing capability since 2016, highlighting the criticality of data. Marketing analytics is a core-enabling capability, which is at the heart of delivering optimized experiences. Unfortunately, analytics was also noted as a critical gap impacting marketers’ customer acquisition and loyalty results.

Driving the use of tools, methodologies and the development of analytics skills ensures your budget is a wise investment — and that you can demonstrate a return on it.

Explore aligned sessions on the 2020 agenda:

Build a Best-in-Class Marketing Analytics Strategy – For many marketing departments, data and analytics is a top priority investment. As the role of marketing data and analytics elevates so do expectations and scrutiny. The “classic” standalone marketing analytics program is no longer enough.

Reshaping Insights and Analytics to Improve Data-Driven Decision Making – The volume and accessibility of data, along with the speed of business, makes it hard for even the most technically savvy decision-makers to effectively use data in their decision-making process. This requires insights and analytics leaders to rethink their approach to decision support.

Three Steps to Long-Term Measurement Success – Marketing analytics is the CMO’s biggest operational expense, and with advancing martech and marketer remit, measurement is a progressive challenge. Do your plans for measurement meet this challenge in the long-term? Doing so will be your competitive advantage. 

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