The stakes for personalization are high

79% of consumers say they will no longer buy a brand if their personal data is used without their knowledge. Digital marketing leaders are on the hook to build a privacy-centric mindset into their organizations — rightsizing their internal teams and ad tech partnerships. Although 88% of brands have tracking tags on their sites, just 32% used a privacy and compliance vendor. Brands around the world cannot afford to apply yesterday’s models, and instead must take a proactive stance on privacy to reap the rewards of sophisticated personalization and targeted marketing. Our sessions are designed to help Chief Marketing Officers and marketing leaders understand the impact of privacy and personalization for more effective marketing strategies.

Explore aligned sessions on the 2020 agenda:

Improving Brand Trust in Untrusting Times – Trust is declining as customers hold brands to higher expectations, with 83% refusing to do business with brands they don’t trust. Brands focus on building trust through exhibiting transparency, warmth, honestly, and reliability, while our research has uncovered a more powerful driver of customer trust in brands.

How Leading Consumer Brands Use Personalization to Deliver Growth – Revenue is a key success metric for personalization. Despite marketers’ investment in personalization, their efforts routinely fall short of this goal, focusing instead of marketing channel and campaign performance.

CMO Story: The Uncanny Valley of Privacy with Mozilla – People accept robots that look like cartoons, or seem to be human, but reject uncanny resemblances – those resemblances somewhere between a person and a cartoonish depiction. The Uncanny cliff of Privacy occurs when too much (rather than too little) data is used to personalize customer experiences, and begins to feel creepy. How do marketers figure out where the right balance is, and respect consumers’ privacy preference? Heather West, Head of Policy for the Americas at Mozilla, will join us in this session. 

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