Cassandra Nordlund

Cassandra Nordlund

Director, Advisory
Cassandra Long Nordlund supports Customer Experience leaders with journey mapping, boosting customer listening effectiveness (VoC), developing customer-centric culture and building ROI business cases for CX initiatives.
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Tuesday, December 01, 2020 12:45 PM|Tuesday, December 01, 2020 02:15 PM
Workshop: Customer-Centric Survey Design

Technology has made surveys cheaper and easier to conduct, inundating customers with feedback requests. Companies now compete fiercely for customers’ time and attention, jeopardizing VoC listening effectiveness. In this session, you will learn:
● Techniques for winning customer attention
● Best practices to solicit high quality, actionable feedback
● How to maximize customer engagement and insight value

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 10:45 AM|Wednesday, December 02, 2020 11:30 AM
Driving Customer Centric Decision Making

Customer Experience leaders must embed the customer into countless decisions made by their business partners. However, the complexity of internal decisions makes this a challenging task. In this session, you will learn:
● The key factors that drive business partners to be more customer-centric.
● The recommended approach to influencing decisions across the organization.
● Proven best practices to enable more customer centricity in business partners’ decision-making processes.

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