As a returning attendee, you’re a vital part of what makes Gartner conferences so valuable. 


Thanks to your feedback, suggestions and loyalty, we've improved the program experience to offer you more research and content to drive your enterprise forward. The inaugural Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo is building on the momentum of past Gartner Digital Marketing Conferences, to address the shifts in market chaos and bring you more of the content you need for your expanding marketing role.
What's in store for 2019
  • New research, methodologies and toolkits from our expansive marketing research and advisory practice 
  • Back for another year - your favorite 20/20 sessions featuring real-world case studies from your fellow marketers 
  • An expanded bench of Gartner research experts and advisors, providing guidance and robust topic coverage including B2B marketing and emerging customer & market insights
  • New peer-to-peer networking opportunities including topic-driven "meetups" to inspire thought leadership 
  • An exclusive CMO Circle program designed specifically for chief marketing officers (application is required) 

Alumni benefits bump you to the head of the line for important conference features:

  • Priority access on March 18, 2019, at 1pm, EST for Gartner one-on-ones, workshops, roundtables, meetups and other sessions that require preregistration through Gartner Conference Navigator
  • Alumni discount of $450 and a welcome packet onsite
  • An exclusive book signing with a keynote speaker
  • Access to audio recordings of sessions post-event



Join us again to defy what's worked in the past and get a few alumni perks while you're at it.