Meet the Gartner experts behind the latest marketing research

At Marketing Symposium/Xpo you'll get practical guidance from successful practitioners who understand the challenges you face from the client side of the desk because they’ve been there. Tap into best practices and fresh ideas from a variety of industries and marketing professionals made up of seasoned marketing leaders with impressive pedigrees including: 


  • Former CMOs and Heads of marketing & digital teams
  • Agency leaders
  • Founders of companies 
Fueled by a passion for research and data-driven insights

We provide marketing leaders with objective advice and proven tools to stay on top of important trends and deliver results. Our research is curated by a community of analysts and industry experts covering every marketing issue from strategy to execution across B2B, B2C and B2B2C. Our team of experts spend their days talking to marketers and are happy to share some of that insight with you during your 30-minute One-on-One Session onsite.


Hear directly from a few of our experts on how their prior experiences help the way they work with clients:

Sally Witzky

Senior Director

I’ve worked at both marketing agencies and corporate marketing organizations for many years. My last role was VP of brand and marketing strategy, with responsibility for building an in-house brand creative agency and strategic marketing team. I reported to a CMO with local and global marketing responsibilities. This background helps me relate to clients because I have a deeper understanding of their challenges and I ask the right questions before offering solutions.

Chris Ross

Senior Director

I’ve spent most of my career leading marketing organizations, as a former CMO I know the reality of day to day life for marketing leaders. Modern marketers need direct, pragmatic guidance on how to tackle what are often complex, multi-dimensional challenges. There’s no time for fluff and no need to revisit the obvious. I always consider if the research we create and the advice we provide is truly useful in the context of a real-world marketing leader’s work.

Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone

Senior Principal

My background is varied — from formal marketing activities to marketing education, to adult education across a range of topics and audiences. I work primarily with marketing leaders in B2B organizations, whether they market to other large-enterprise customers, or to the small business market. My work with small businesses and my strong research connection means I can also help you better understand the small business customer and provide advice around running customer focus groups and interviews.

Augie Ray

Senior Director

I have 20 years of experience as a marketer on both the agency and client side. One thing I always try to remember in my work as an analyst is how difficult it is to get things accomplished in a complex organization. It’s one thing to know a “best practice” but quite another to get it done. As I focus on my customer experience advice for clients, there can be a danger of talking about the “what” but losing sight of the “how.” It’s easy to preach the gospel of customer centricity, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I could not offer practical, actionable guidance.

Featured opportunities to discuss your marketing approach with experts

At the conference, we encourage you to attend as many track sessions as you can fit into your schedule so you may hear the research directly from the Gartner experts. In addition, each attendee may sign up for one Gartner one-on-one, one workshop, one roundtable and one ask the expert to dive into a particular topic or challenge with like-minded leaders.  

Gartner one-on-one meeting*

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to share an idea or challenge with a Gartner expert in this popular session that offers you 30 minutes of undivided attention from an expert. View the Expert Guide to see who best aligns with your most pressing needs.

Roundtable sessions*

Hear what your colleagues from various industries are experiencing around relevant topics inspired by the latest research in these Gartner-moderated, small-group sessions. 


Workshop sessions*

Strengthen your approach to a particular topic in these interactive, small-group sessions facilitated by a Gartner expert. Most workshops are scheduled for Sunday, April 28, view agenda for details. 

Ask the Expert sessions*

These small-group discussions foster learning and feature one Gartner expert who will answer your pressing questions on CX, B2B, Gen Z and more! View the agenda for a look at all of the topics. 

*Requires online pre-booking as space is limited. Based on availability and eligibility, you may sign-up for this session via Gartner Events Navigator after you register for this event. There is a limit of 12 one-on-one meetings per organization. Pre-booking for these sessions will open for all registered attendees on April 1, 2019, at 1 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT.  Be sure to register prior to April 1 to ensure access to Events Navigator. 

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